We’re so happy and excited to offer you a monthly membership and embodiment practice community for women wanting more. 

An online space of deep healing and inner union with Soul Self so that you can embody Source & Spirit in your life. More connection, ease, love, depth, hope, inspiration, health, purpose, quality of life…it’s all here for you in this magical, uplifting container.

Here’s what happens in Women’s Temple…

We will meet monthly in sacred space via Zoom on the last Saturday of each month from 10-12pm PST (Replay available if you can’t make our live call). Our time together will include Breath & Meditation practice, coaching and processes to help you go deeper towards what you desire so that you can keep moving forward in your life with powerful momentum. 

In Women’s Temple you will have the space each month to return to yourself, to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in your intuition and inner guidance, and to be a part of a healthy, intentional, community of women.

We want to support you to keep upleveling yourself and your life to extraordinary heights and depths. Together, we will be in a supportive, inclusive community with Soul and heart led women all doing the deep inner work to thrive and shine your brightest.


Each month we come together as a feminine community for Breath & Meditation practice and sacred circle gatherings. This container offers you the space to breathe, slow down, and deepen into yourself. It also creates an opportunity to connect with other women in a deep, real, and authentic way.


We are here to help guide you back to yourself, to your truth, and to your own inner wisdom. Women’s Temple provides the space and guidance you need to return to who you really are. We are here to help you remember your own power so you can navigate life’s challenges with courage and grace.


When we are focused on breakthroughs, guess what happens? More breakthroughs! We are here to blossom, thrive and fly. Connection is something we have to continue to grow and nurture and I’m excited to grow and deepen together. Soul is here to expand and the sky isn’t even our limit!


Each month, we will have a feminine theme on thriving as a woman, embodying and becoming through the lens of unlimited Soul/Source Self. Together, we embark on a reclamation of full womanhood. We will continue to unearth and reveal our deepest desires and put them on the table. We’ll continue to look at what’s getting in the way, and we’ll keep reaching for our North Star.


We’ve forgotten the art of gathering in sacred sisterhood, and we are longing for real connection. Women’s Temple brings us back together so we can heal through each other. We co-create the space by bringing our wisdom into it. It is not about one person teaching, but rather, all of us creating and holding space together.


Attending Women’s Temple has helped me to move forward in my life with more creative inspiration and vitality!

Melanie creates a safe and sacred space for deep healing and community connection while also transmitting potent messages of love and wisdom.

Karen Mehringer

I thought I would really enjoy some ritual time with other women. I didn’t know how much I needed it. Women’s Temple is such a sacred space; I am so grateful to Melanie for the container she holds for us each month. It is a powerful experience to be together with other women in this way. The practices Melanie guides us through bring me deep into my body and afterwards I am amazed by how deeply I feel my heart. I can hardly wait for what the next Temple will bring!

Marije Miller

My work with Melanie has taken me into the deepest layers of myself to truly be able to do my work and cleanse my soul. The container that Melanie sets is one of complete safety, acceptance and LOVE! Her support is felt throughout every fiber in my being. I know that when I show up for Women’s Temple I will be held through whatever comes up in me and that knowing makes me want to go deeper, want to meet those parts of me I haven’t met yet. I am so truly grateful for this opportunity and for the support and love Melanie brings.

Tamar Frey

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Melanie Shine

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. She specializes in women’s health and wellness, gentle chiropractic, breathwork, meditation and Women’s Temple practice.

For the past 25 years Melanie has helped thousands of women transform and awaken to more meaningful and purposeful lives. She effectively helps women connect to their sacred feminine, open up their ability to feel, heal and transform.

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Women’s Temple

Women’s Temple is a transformational wellness coaching program for women who want to unleash their True Self and Feminine Power through the applications of embodiment practices, transformational tools and wisdom.